The Revival of Scuttlebrook

The Evesham Journal of 26/6/1886 reported ‘A Revival of Scuttlebrook’

Last week it entered into the minds of several inhabitants of this town to revive an old Wake which many years before was annually celebrated in Leysbourne but which has not taken place for the last  seventeen years.
Messrs Haines, Guthrie  and Hands, and others wee amongst he leading spirits. The programme included climbing a greasy pole, jumping in sacks & several men’s and boys races. Some of the items, which in the present day have the charm of novelty, created much amusement, and amongst these was a ‘’gorging’ contest, 2s 6d  for the first & s one shilling to the second who shall consume half a quarten loaf of bread and a quarter of ale in the quickest and cleanest manner.  A large crowd congregated in the street and seemed to much enjoy the fun.

1888 -On Saturday afternoon sports called in the olden time ’Ye Wake of Scuttlebrook were indulged in on the green in Leysbourne & at the chestnut tree , the Town Band was stationed, discoursing during the evening some excellent music. A committee had arranged an elaborate programme of Old English Games consisting of donkey races, wheelbarrow races, high & long jumping, jingling matches, jumping in sack races for men , women & children, three legged & all four’s races, climbing the greasy pole, tug o’ war, married  versus single , dipping for oranges & o sundry other amusements, all of which secured good entries. The arrangements were conducted by Messrs. Hands, Stanley, Spencer, Guthrie, Grove & Ellis, & gave satisfaction.

1891 Scuttlebrook Wake.

The ancient sports incidental to this wake were again revived on Saturday in Leysbourne. The races started about 5.30 pm & continued until 8. There were the usual races for married & unmarried men, bobbing at treacle buns, climbing the greasy pole, tug o’ war, singing competitions between parties of girls & boys & many other sports usual on such occasions. The donkey races especially caused amusement. A suggestion has been made that these sports might with advantage be held on Campden club day, Whit Thursday, instead of on  Saturday.

The EJ. Report for June 1906
Whit Monday fete

This report was several columns long! The programme included a grand floral parade through the town followed by old English revels that included horse & pony racing, a & a football match.  The flat race for ponies was won by Mr A. Jeffrey’s Happy Jack.  The prize for the best decorated donkey cart was won by Messrs. E. Potter & H.Newman  ‘Going to market with vegetables & poultry.  A shepherds & Shepherdesses dance was beautifully performed by the children after which they carried wreaths of flowers and placed on the Maypole.  Morris Dancing was performed by  Messrs D.,F., A., &  T. Hathaway,, A.Veale, F.Bennet & G.Webb.

Scuttlebrook 1911

Scuttlebrook Wake was held as usual on Saturday evening, the Leysbourne part of the town being the scene of most of the fun. There were races for grown ups & children, also a donkey race, a wheelbarrow race, & a tug of war. In addition there were swinging boats, coconut shies and galloping horses, the latter being a great attraction & was patronised till midnight.
Mr Guthrie was the prime mover as in former years & this must have been one of the most successful.